Wood work bench for the 7×12 Lathe

While waiting for my 7×12 lathe to arrive, I got prepared by building a work bench for it out of 2×12 chunks of wood, and scraps I had around.  It was my first time using a 12″ Harbor Freight compound sliding miter saw, which worked fairly well for sitting on the floor (it needs a stand, too).

The stand/bench/shelf is pretty sturdy, and is about the right height for me, though it would be slightly high if I used the lathe’s rubber feet.  Most of the work went into the supports, where I drilled the four (per support) holes  strategically to try to mitigate the warping of the 2x12s I used.  Wood is not metal, apparently.  The rear “trim” along the top adds a little extra surface area to the top (not that it is really usable), but my real agenda was to provide a good grip for when this thing is moved; moving anything with a solid back is awkward, and in this case there is enough stability without one.  I enjoy overthinking things.

7×12 Lathe stand PDF